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Volunteers Still Needed at Graffiti House

The Brandy Station Foundation held its first volunteer training session of the year on February 11 for staff working the Graffiti House. A combination of eleven experienced guides, board members and new volunteers shared techniques and experiences with each other, ending with a sample tour by one of the most seasoned volunteers.

The foundation is still seeking volunteers to show visitors around Graffiti House, so named because it is full of Civil War soldier signatures, messages and drawings.

A minimum of two people are always on duty, typically working a four-hour shift, whenever the site is open to the public.

Greeters welcome visitors, determine whether they would like to take a guided tour, explain the history of the building, and sell giftshop items.

Guides take visitors who would like a tour through the various rooms sharing what our research has uncovered about the graffiti, including the soldiers we have identified as signing their names, and the possible meanings of the messages and sketches they left behind on the walls.

When we have enough potential volunteers to form a class, we will host a six hour training session, and new volunteers will also shadow experienced volunteers until they are comfortable with the duties. We have recently had very limited hours due to COVID-19, and wish to increase our volunteer staff for 2023 for a more vigorous visitor season, which will include the 160th anniversary of the battle of Brandy Station. If interested, please contact the foundation at We look forward to teaching you how to share this unique Civil War resource with our visitors!


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