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Mosby the “Gray Ghost”'s Connection to The Graffiti House

What connection does Mosby the “Gray Ghost” have with the door at the Graffiti House, you say? Come see our Hospital Room when we open after our renovation is completed and see a very special feature in the room. It is the door upon which the “patient” lies which doubles as an operating table and occurred during war times. After the war, Mosby’s Ranger Foster built a house and fast forward the house door of the Foster home is now in Brandy Station at the Graffiti House. Hmmm, wonder if Mosby visited the Foster house? ….but you can still see the door!

Mosby's visit to Brandy Station in November 1863: Leaving behind men and supplies as the Army of the Potomac left the area, Colonel John S. Mosby led his men to Fleetwood Hill at night time. While Union mapmaker, Robert Knox Sneeden suspected a raid would occur by the famed and feared Mosby, he fell asleep. A pistol rap on the head was a quick wakeup and a summons to see Mosby followed. Sneeden was questioned by the blue eyed chieftain but the results were not helpful. The Gray Ghost ordered the wagons burnt at the base of the hill, prisoners and supplies taken, and prison for Sneeden. The raid occurred near the current Graffiti House. Sneeden later wrote of his wartime experiences and his memories and illustrations are contained in a book titled “Eye of the Storm.”


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